6 Reasons To Switch To A Minimalist Wallet

6 Reasons To Switch To A Minimalist Wallet

1. Your lower back will thank you.

That lumpy wallet in your back pocket is actually quite a harzard to long term back health! The nerves in your lower back control and coordinate some of the biggest and strongest muscles in your body. Putting uneven pressure on them consistently and for hours at a time can cause various issues - one of the most common being sciatica.

2. Reduces chances of loss and theft.

Regular wallets are always on show to pickpockets - a bulging back pocket is a clear and easy target. They're also much easier to lose and can easily just slip out of your back pocket. Using a slim, low-profile wallet allows you to keep it safely in your front pocket, instantly cutting the chances of loss and theft by a huge amount.

3. Makes you keep a clutter-free pocket.

It's too easy to keep old receipts, expired membership cards and useless coins when using a regular wallet. A minimalist wallet like ours forces you to get into the mindset of only carrying what you truly need. Your pocket and your mind will feel lighter and cleaner!

4. Looks better - no bulging pockets.

Whether it's suits or jeans, we can safely say that a bulging pocket is a bad look for any outfit! A bulky billfold creates an unsightly bump and will ruin your silhouette, whilst simultaneously stretching and wearing the fabric. A minimalist wallet is barely noticeable and will help your pockets to stay as good as new for years to come.

5. Cash is becoming a thing of the past.

Everything from receipts to business cards is becoming digitised. Everywhere now accepts card payments and functions such as Apple Pay are becoming more common. You simply don't need to carry as many items with you now.

Just to add - you can still carry a few bills tucked safely between your cards in the Minimo wallet if you need to, don't worry!

6. Easier to find the card you need.

Have you ever had to awkwardly dig through your old receipts and redundant loyalty cards desperately looking for the card you need in a busy shop? Situations like that are impossible with a minimalist wallet! As you're only carrying the few cards you actually use, they will always be immediately accessible.