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A unique, modern and minimalist take on the traditional wallet.

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Everything you need at your fingertips

Just pinch the base of your wallet to fan out your cards then simply remove whichever one you need, even if it's right in the middle.

Protect your contactless cards

Aluminium blocks the signals that illegal card readers use to access your card details so the plates that make up the Minimo wallet will help protect you from RFID theft.


Form follows function

Functionality was the key factor throughout Minimo’s design and development but we also wanted to make sure the wallet looked great. We believe we achieved that and we hope you agree!


Minimise what you carry

The Minimo wallet helps discipline you to carry only what you need because we all know it’s all too easy to hang on to old receipts, random coins and defunct coupons.

Every component is designed to work for you

The aluminium outer plates are slightly convex which helps you to remove and replace cards smoothly. As well as holding the plates securely, the silicone band acts as a buffer, preventing the wallet from scratching your phone screen and also stops it from slipping out of your pocket.

Low profile

The Minimo wallet is comfortable in front pockets as well as back, the silicone band stops the wallet from slipping out of your pocket and, with its compact profile, it's hardly noticeable whatever you're wearing.


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