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Loading cards

Simply slide your cards in one by one, each side of the middle plate. The wallet works best if you try to keep each side fairly even.


Loading cards into Minimo wallet


Using cards // Method 1

Push the cards up towards the band using the bottom cutout. You can then squeeze the outer plates together to fan out your cards to easily access the one you want.



Using cards // Method 2

To see everything you've got in your Minimo wallet, you can fan your cards from each side as in the video below.


Using cards // Method 3

Regularly used cards can be kept on the outside positions. This allows you to quickly remove just one card or even just partially remove it to swipe.



The middle plate splits the wallet into two 'compartments' (as well as making the wallet much more secure). It allows you to divide and organise your cards - i.e. debit/credit cards on one side and rewards cards and ID on the other.

To access just one 'side' of your wallet, use the same technique as in Method 1 but on the opposite side where the middle plate is. You can then pick which side you want to access as the middle plate will keep the other side in place.



Does anyone still use cash? Don't worry, you can carry a few notes either underneath the band or folded in between cards.


Getting used to your wallet

Just like a pair of new shoes, your Minimo wallet might be a tiny bit stiff at first and need a few days to wear in. It can be used in multiple different ways and once you find your way of using it, it'll be like second nature.


Bonus use - fidget spinner!

With its weight, shape and grippy silicone band, the Minimo wallet is also ideal for fiddling with!